Branding, artworks and animation

A techno live act hailing from the suburbs of Amsterdam. The sound of VNTM incorporates a dark underground techno sound with contemporary progressive melodies that will grab the listeners attention straight away. With performances at Awakenings, Tomorrowland and Amsterdam Open Air, the young artist is making his way to the top of the techno scene. We’ve been working together with VNTM since day one; as part of our close collaboration we came up with a branding design, followed by a series of artworks.

We created a minimalistic logo design for VNTM, who also goes under the name of Tom. This is why we decided to emphasize on the letter ‘T’. How? By simply making it the letter that covers the least surface. Less is more, you could say. We also came up with a series of artworks that matches his branding.



  • 2020


  • VNTM Live


  • Artwork, Branding